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Academic Director and Wharton School Deputy Dean Nancy Rothbard explains how Women’s Executive Leadership focuses on both leadership development and business acumen.

India is among the fastest-growing economies globally. As its workforce expands, it's crucial to ensure that every segment is fully prepared to lead and drive growth – including the many talented women leaders taking the helm in this burgeoning market.

Presented in collaboration with Corner Office Advisors, Wharton’s Women’s Executive Leadership – India applies the latest Wharton faculty research in work motivation and engagement, career development, internal coaching, and executive presence so that women leaders and their allies can gain the necessary skills to succeed – but also to find clarity – as they ascend to the upper echelons of their organizations.

Wharton’s Women’s Executive Leadership – India

Program Experience

Highlights and Key Outcomes

In the Wharton’s Women’s Executive Leadership – India, you will:


  • Receive practical and quick-to-implement suggestions on how to address current business challenges, specifically through the lens of leading in complex environments

  • Develop a leadership style based on strengths, identify opportunities for career progression, and increase self-awareness of how you create strong and impactful leadership

  • Enhance your negotiation skills

  • Discover concepts that are useful for understanding, analyzing, and harnessing power in organizations

  • Manage organizational culture by recognizing and understanding how to navigate biases and barriers to effective working

 Experience & Impact

This program offers an immersive and dynamic environment where participants can connect their personal experiences with the development of distinct leadership styles. It emphasizes experiential learning and incorporates diverse methodologies like frameworks, role-playing, and interactive work for applying core lessons personally.


Participants can choose to attend the two-day Wharton’s Women’s Executive Leadership – India program in one of three available cities across the country – Delhi, Mumbai, or Goa.


The program’s session topics include:

  • The Adaptable Leader

  • Effective and Complex Decision Making

  • Negotiations

  • Influence and Persuasion 

  • Leaning In: How Not to Fall Over

  • How Top Women Succeed 

  • Leading Inclusively

Date, Location, & Fees

If you are unable to access the application form, please email Client Relations at

July 1–2, 2024

Delhi, India

*Check-In and Welcome Dinner on June 30 

July 4–5, 2024

Mumbai, India

*Check-In and Welcome Dinner on July 3

July 7–9, 2024

Goa, India

*Check-In and Welcome Lunch on July 7

Fees: INR 4,75,000 + GST

Download the program schedule, including session details and format.

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